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pool lighting carlsbad


  • Investment Protection – increases the value of your home by giving it curb appeal at night.

  • Security- lighting deters crime by allowing would be criminals to be visible during the dark hours.

  • Cost Effectiveness – LED technology is much more efficient than halogen lamps. LED’s burn cooler, last longer and save money. A typical electricity cost for 22 LED fixtures at 6 watts each, on for 10 hours a day for a year would be $96.36 a year or $8.03 a month. This assumes a rate of 20 cents a kilowatt.

  • Maintenance – the longevity of LED bulbs is 25 times longer than halogen bulbs, requires less remove and replace maintenance.

  • Nighttime Sparkle – last, but not least is the beauty of your home. It makes your home look exclusive, When the perimeter is up-lighted and a couple of trees in the front yard as well, it just makes it look awesome. The casted shadows create a new dimension. Homes in older neighborhoods that have landscape lighting also have a nice accent.

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